After Abuja Business Reports Story, Cross River, Borno States Websites Come Alive


The Cross River state government has created a website ( after Abuja Business Reports story in 2020 which revealed that it has no existing website available.

Similarly, the website of Borno state government has come alive again ( after it has undergone a long period of maintenance, this newspaper learned during a survey Sunday, 28th February, 2020.

The two websites provide fresh updates and accurate information following the report of Abuja Business Reports in 2020 on the activeness and responsiveness of state government online (especially emails and websites).

It could be recalled that in 2020, Abuja Business Reports, reported that Cross River state is amongst the states that don’t have active website in Nigeria. 

Also, Borno state website has been down for some time making it inaccessible. This is so because the website  was said to be under maintenance at the time of compiling the report.

The initial report showed that regardless of information and communications technology advancement, some states are yet to have operational websites. These states included Cross River, Bayelsa and Adamawa.

“Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID: 250,” Cross River website shows.

Unlike other state governments’ websites, this one looks so odd. It only provides good contact email while the phone numbers are incorrect. 

Borno state website made provision for booking an appointment with the state governor online as this newspaper observed during a visit in 2021.

Not only this, the Borno state website also provides the 10-year development plan (Strategy Plan 2020-2030) available for download.

Other features available include about the governor, contact us (a form and phone number available), media, resources, et cetera.

According to the website, the state has 35 ethnic groups, 5,860,200 population and a land area of 75,835.

Meanwhile, Bayelsa state website still appeared to be suspended, months after Abuja Business Reports‘ story. Likewise Adamawa State. It could still not be found.

Furthermore, Gombe and Bauchi states are yet to update the incorrect contact numbers on their respective sites at the time of this report.

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