Abdulrasheed Bawa Confirmed as New EFCC Chairman, Promises To Represent Youths

After being queezed as part of screening proceeding on the floor of the upper legislative chamber, the Nigerian Senate confirmed as the new chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdulrasheed Bawa.

The new chairman of the EFCC pledged that his performance will pave new paths to governance for young Nigerians.

Speaking before the Senate, Bawa said, “I am going to give the young people a very good representation in the governance of this country so that more young people will be given more responsibility in this country.”

Bawa who was confirmed after being screened by the legislators on Wednesday said it is the dream of every patriotic Nigerian to see the nation growing to a greater height, adding that he will love to contribute his quota in seeing that the country soars.

Earlier while introducing himself and his goal for the antigraft agency, Bawa stated that he would love to help the nation recover all stolen assets for the betterment of Nigerians.

The new EFCC boss said he will work with strategic partners around the world to see that Nigeria benefits from the repatriation of assets stolen from her coffers.

According to Mr. Bawa, the EFCC will achieve its independent objective by sharing information with its partners.

Bawa stated that the constitution will guide his actions, adding that at the end of his tenure, the EFCC will be a better place than he met it because his training by the FBI and the National Crime Agency of the United States and the United Kingdom respectively will come in handy.

Responding to questions regarding what he will do differently from his predecessors, Mr. Bawa said he will reposition the commission by ensuring that it strengthens its standard operating procedures and improve on them.

He also stressed that there will be more transparency and accountability.

While acknowledges that the EFFC has issues with the management of assets, the nominated EFCC boss said if confirmed, he will embark on the digitization of the offices for proper record keeping.

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