2023: Katsina Youths Urge State Deputy Governor Mannir Yakubu to Run for Governorship

Youths in Katsina State have strongly called on the state Deputy Governor, Alhaji Mannir Yakubu to contest for Governorship in the state in 2023.

The Chairman, Katsina Youth For Effective Leadership, AbdulAziz Abdullahi KaFur who made call in a statement on Sunday gave several reasons why the Deputy Governor of Katsina State is most positioned to lead the state in 2023.

In the statement titled “If Not You, Who in 2023”, the youths said “One of the critical issues when one stand to critically observe our political leaders of today is that a political leader can trust to support aim in delivering the good covenant he made between him and God and the electorates.

“Many were trusted but ended up changing face in the course of delivering the democratic dividends.

“QS Mannir Yakubu, Two time Deputy Governor and Commissioner of Agriculture in Katsina State, displayed his greater wealth of knowledge and experience as a good leader and Ambassador for progressive change”, the youths stated.

They added that the Deputy Governor “revolutionized and revitilized the area he is trusted with and made tremendous difference in agricultural sector.”

According to the youth group, “In terms of his relationship with politicians in general and grassroot in particular we salute and appreciate his effort of redemptive concern to the plight of the teaming masses by providing empowerment to youth and women in 34 Local Governments of Katsina State from 2015 to date.

“Most people in Katsina State have benefitted in one way or the other from the social intervention projects under the supervision of His Excellency QS Mannir Yakubu, the Deputy Governor.

More so, looking at history of his great personality, one cannot be perplexed to what made him to deliver and develop the good habit of putting smiles in the faces of both orphans, vulnarables and the destitute of our masses.

“Of course, we, the good people of Katsina State are very proud of good leadership of the Deputy Governor, based on his performance in the primary assignment assigned to him by His Excellency the One Million Governor Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari which made even his Excellency to recommend his good performance in many occasions and giving confidence to take him as a second term running mate.

“He choose him as his Second in command so that he can close his eyes at any hour to sleep very well.

“As hardworking, good leader, for development of our society, the level of his commitment and exhibiting as a true democratic leader that has much concern for the people of Katsina State, who is worthy of emulation by any politician in the State and the Nation at large”, youths added.

The young people on behalf of the good people of Katsina State, appreciated the the Deputy Governor, QS Mannir Yakubu, saying “we say more grease to your elbow to continue with the good job for transformation and empowering the people as God Almighty will never let down the generous disposition of the good people, leaders alike.”

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