Why Our Diasporans Should Create “Platinum Recording Studios” in Imo State – Chief Osakwe-Hibbert

Despite the gigantic sum of money required to set up a sophisticated recording studio, the potential profit this type of business can generate is over a $100,000 dollars per annum, including the social impact in the surrounding communities.

For instance, Los Angeles in United States houses over 360 recording studios some of which are responsible for the legendary albums the world has ever known.

This thoughts informed a call by the Special Adviser (SA) to the Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Chief Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert on Imo Diasporans to venture into setting up world class studios in the South Eastern state as part of combined efforts to harvest grassroots talents and help boost local economy.

She spoke following two major receptions held for Governor Hope Uzodinma, one by Owerri zone, then Oru clan, showcasing great artists like Phyno and Flavour.

According to Chief Osakwe-Hibbert, one thing has rather become clear, which is an untapped synergy between past government and the artistic world in the state.

She maintained that there seems to be a serious opportunity for Imo Diasporans to leverage on, adding that “Governor Uzodinma has opened Imo State to world class artists.

“For the first time, Imo State is lending the government platform for display of array of talents.

“These great receptions held for my Boss by various clans in Imo State have certainly set the stage nicely for a long overdue conversation.

“A conversation around diversification of the Imo economy to create wider pools of opportunities for young people and to tap into potentials of Imo youths”, she said.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Diaspora Affairs noted that amidst the fanfare, “we, the government officials, cannot help but recognise the bunch of opportunities that come with events organised in the state.

“I, therefore, call on Imo Diaspora business tycoons and investors to seize this great opportunity to create Imo’s own Abbey Road Studios, Blackbird Studio, Allaire Studios, Ocean Sound Recordings as well as Grammy award winning artists, engineers and producers. 

“The ground is fertile, great weather, great ease of doing business under the ‘3R’ administration, young population, creative/talented young girls and boys.

“With successful national role models like Phyno; what more can you ask for?”, Chief Cllr. Osakwe-Hibbert observed.

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