How Value for Girls is Being Made Reality Under 3’R’ Govt in Imo Just Like the Trend in UK – SA Diaspora Explains

Imo State suddenly came on top as the State of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

But recent trends indicate that one need not to search far to see evidence of as in the past few months since the 3R Administration of Governor Hope Uzodinma, there has been an intentional holistic approach to achieving the SDGs for all Imo citizens.

Series of empowerment programmes have been targeted on girls, youths, disability community, women and vulnerable citizens in Imo State.

One of such programmes was the grand finale of the recent United Nations Campaign (Say No To Violence Against Women) sponsored by Imo Diasporans and coordinated through the state Diaspora Office in partnership, with local Foundations who are committed to promoting ‘inclusion and diversity’.

At the most recent event which took place for the first time in ISU Local Government Area, young girls took the centre stage, giving speeches, acting out leadership positions, reciting poems and practically leading the event.

As Abuja Business Reports sort to get a clearer picture of why young girls were given such pivotal roles, the Special Adviser to the Imo State Governor on Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert was available to give insight into the day’s event.

She explained that “under the 3R Government, young girls will be encouraged to take the centre stage positively”, maintaining that girls are now being appreciated in the state, just like in the UK where she lives.

Explaining the new trend in value of girls in Imo State, the SA Diaspora noted that “Most governments come and what you tend to see are women being used as objects of derogatory satisfaction but under this government young girls are empowered, valued and made to engage positively”. 

Hon. Osakwe-Hibbert added that “Our Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, who’s my Boss, believes in promoting equal participation and that’s why we the Appointees find it easier to do our jobs.

“ISU young girls have acted in a classic drama, the plot is ‘house of assembly tussles’ I have watched a youngster as young as 9, acting as House Member here today, one acted as Speaker of the House, one as Chief Whip and so forth.

“These girls will grow up to aspire to become these persons, not wives or girlfriends of such persons. They themselves can!”, she emphasised.

The entire day was centred around Women, some top ISU Women Politicians like the Honorable Member representing Isu, Hon. Ngozi Obiefule, APC Chairperson Lilian Obi and several others were all present.

Albertiqs Foundation, Omega Touch Foundation and Chidi Topaz Foundation were some of the Foundations physically represented amongst many others.

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