Senator Uzodinma's Birthday: Imo Special Advisers Bailout Hospital Patients, Feed Orphans in Line with Governor's "Shared Prosperity" Agenda

Senator Uzodinma’s Birthday: Imo Special Advisers Bailout Hospital Patients, Feed Orphans in Line with Governor’s “Shared Prosperity” Agenda

Imo State Governor’s Special Advisers have visited Federal Medical Centre Hospital Owerri and ‘Save The Child’ Motherless Babies Home in celebration of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s Birthday on this day the 12th of 12th, 2020.

Never before has Government officials in Imo State taken it upon themselves to embark on humanitarian activities in replacement for a good birthday bash.

The usual practice is luxurious celebration with lots of drinks and up class food exclusively for the rich and those in power.

In line with the Shared Prosperity mantra of the Senator Hope Uzodimma administration, today the reverse became the case under the 3R administration.

Speaking to the Media, Hon. Perry Opara said “Out of our salaries, the Special Advisers decided to put money together and head to a local hospital to bailout patients who have been discharged but detained in the hospital due to inability to pay their bills.

“Our Principal’s long term vision is to reconstruct Imo State where there will be equal access to healthcare irrespective of one’s financial muscle”. 

Senator Uzodinma's Birthday: Imo Special Advisers Bailout Hospital Patients, Feed Orphans in Line with Governor's "Shared Prosperity" AgendaThe Special Adviser on Urban Water Supply in the person of Chief Tanana Biaduo supported his colleagues views and further stated that “soon all the people who are sceptical about this 3R Government will see the good work the Governor is doing and hopefully they will all be thankful a man of his kind occupied the seat of Governor in Imo”.

Tears of joy streamed out thunderously from the hospital wards as patients screamed “we are indeed free to go home for Christmas”!

A mother whose tens of thousands of her son’s bill was cleared fell down in awe and screamed saying “is this for real? The Almighty God must bless Imo Governor for showing love through you all”.

Patients from Mbaise, Isu, Ikeduru, amongst others, were all freed to go home to their loved ones.

Whilst at the orphanage, several boxes of NAN Milk were delivered to feed the babies who are in the cradles. And spending money given to staff.

Representing the Special Advisers at the outing in no particular order are are: SA Revenue Mobilisation and Capacity Development, Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu; SA Diaspora Affairs, Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert; D.G. Imo Trades and Investment (ISIPA), Hon. Barr. Jude Nzeakor; SA Health, Dr. Mrs Lina Okereke; SA Aviation, Hon. Ikem Unaegbu; SA Skills Acquisition, Hon. Chidi Onyewuchi; SA Market and Allied Matters, Hon. Perry Opara; D.G. Imo Foundation, Beulah Chukwuma; SA Special Citizens, DR. Samuelson Emehibe; SA Urban Water Supply, Hon. Chief Tanana Biaduo; and SA Sports and Youth Development, Hon. Ikenna Nlemigbo.

SA on Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Cllr Celia Osakwe-Hibbert in a chat with newsmen on why the SAs came up with the unique Humanitarian service.

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