NIDO Elections: SA Diaspora Tasks Candidates on Selflessness Patriotism, Visionary Leadership

As Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) get set for elections, candidates have reminded that to lead is a call to selfless service, patriotism, and visionary leadership, the Special Adviser to Imo State Governor, Hon. Cllr. Celia Osakwe-Hibbert Hibbert reminded candidates.

NIDO is an established umbrella body which supervises the activities of professional Nigerians living in Diaspora, with chapters across continents of the world.

NIDO ElectionsHon. Osakwe-Hibbert spoke during a zoom meeting held on November 1, 2020 organised by NIDO Europe Chapter.

The online meeting was attended nearly 100 members from across Europe, namely Austria, UK, Italy, France, Spain, to mention but a few.

Hon. Osakwe-Hibbert is an elected Councillor in the United Kingdom has been a member of NIDO for over 7 years.

Although the Zoom was a ‘Meet Your Candidates’ meeting, Hon. Cllr. Celia was given the floor to say a few words.

She seized the opportunity to remind members that Nigerian Organisations in Diaspora isn’t a financially lucrative business therefore anyone putting themselves forward must be prepared to be selfless.

She gave an instance of Hon. Keneth Gbandi the outgoing Chairman of NIDO Europe and Barr. Chibuzo Ubochi the UK. Chairman as those she’s witnessed spending their time, money and expertise to move NIDO forward. 

The SA Diaspora reminded the meeting that she served two tenures, a total of 6 years as the Women’s Officer for a Nigerian Organisation in the West Midlands U.K, “It wasn’t about money.

“We actually spent our own money and time, it is about genuine interest in Nigeria. Therefore, one ought to be really selfless to truly lead”, she said.

While all the Executive positions are up for grabs by the contestants, the ‘Chairman Position’ is the most hotly contested.

The two candidates going head to head for the position are Dr. Bashir Obasekola from Russia and Engr. Cornelius Obot, a resident of the Netherlands.

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