Sunday Dare, Minister

#EndSARS Protests Demands: Strategic Steps, Plans Already in Action – FG


The Federal Government of Nigeria has once again reiterated her commitment and determination to ensuring the implementation of the Youth demands in Nigeria.

It is noteworthy to inform us that more than before strategic steps and plans are already in action from a willing government that wants to both build and empower the Nigerian youth with a vision of growing them in addition to boosting the economy to a globally competitive stage.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare confirmed this while passionately appealing to the genius, innovative hard working and capable Nigerian Youth to please calm down, come over to Government’s dialogue and peace table to talk over their grievances in a Father-son –family relationship to mitigate through an expeditious dialogue.

Speaking further, Mr. Dare said, the deaths of some youths amongst whom, would have been those who will build this nation is deeply regretted.

“Therefore to forestall further loss of lives and properties, please our dear youths as you have proudly organized and coordinated your peaceful protest before hoodlums took over, in the same manner concert all your networks across the country from the South to the West, East and North and lets meet you our dear youths on the dialogue table for a peaceful resolution of your griviances.

“Government is prepared to engage our youths with over 25 programs as listed in the Ministry’s fact sheet since 2015.

“These programs when embraced shall give youths competitive advantage in the global community.

“Also, varied channels of communications and engagements to find lasting solutions to the check-list of demands is in place with field back mechanism to proffer solutions to all the demands.

“I can assure you, Mr. Dare said, Government has heard you loud  and clear – immediate attention and actions are already being taken, medium and long term actions shall be put in motion for implementation subsequently.

Once again, Great Nigerian Youths please give peace a chance”, he said.

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